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December 5, 2022
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The busier we get, the less time we take for self-reflection. We set goals and work toward them, but rarely stop to think about how we might be getting in our own way.

Self-reflecting on your personal image and how you present yourself at work is a quick way to make changes that’ll help you get ahead. Take time to access questions like, what image are you portraying through your social media, professional websites, and usernames? If they no longer represent who you are, then it’s time to refresh your online and in-person image.

Take a few minutes to honestly evaluate your image as you go through the list below.

1. Inappropriate Profile Pictures

Like it or not, you are being judged by your social media presence. The profile pictures you choose have the potential to sway people’s opinions about you. A goofy photo might not be your best choice if you’re applying for new jobs or trying to earn new clients. However, “professional” and “serious” are not your only options. Use a profile picture to portray your interests and personality, just ensure it’s something you’re proud of if the image was brought up in front of the company!

2. Embarrassing Usernames

If you’re using an embarrassing email address or controversial username, please stop! Choose a username that is easy to connect with you (such as first and last name) or that is relevant to your business. Keep the quirky or inside-joke names strictly for personal use.

3. Unprofessional Email Signatures

Be thoughtful with your email signature. Every email signature should include your full name and contact information; however, you can add a bit more flair if your company allows it! Try using this space to share your image, inspirational quote, or song lyric to share more about yourself.

4. Unprotected Online Access

No one needs 100% full access to you online! Keep your personal social media settings private and invite people to your professional website instead. This is a great way to introduce yourself and present an image you can be proud to share. This can help not only when you are searching for a new job, but also when people are applying to work under you.

5. Lax Office Behavior

Make sure your online image matches your in-person one. How you act at work matters! Consider what you wear to work, your punctuality, and how you talk with others. These are all ways your image is crafted. Be authentic in real life and at work, and it will show!

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