5 Surefire Steps to Advance Your Career

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January 14, 2019
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April 12, 2019

We absolutely love new year’s resolutions! Starting anew with hope and enthusiasm is how dreams are made. If your January had a rough start and you’re feeling unmotivated, don’t worry, there is still PLENTY of time to set goals and start working towards them. So, what are your goals? Plans to eat healthier and exercise more are great goals, but we’d like to recommend another one … advance your career in 2019!

There are always opportunities to improve your skillsets and take on bigger challenges no matter what career field you’re in. And let’s face it – growing in your career means more money and better opportunities later! So how can you stand out from the crowd among your coworkers and kick-start your career goals in 2019? It’s easier than you think!

Step 1: Make a Plan

You know those people at work who are getting promoted? And their ideas are always being used? They didn’t get there by accident and you probably won’t get there by accident either. That’s why it’s important to establish your end goal before starting on your career advancement journey. Find some time to reflect on why you chose your career in the first place. Are you still working towards those dreams or have they changed? First, make a list of the things you have already achieved (and be proud of what you’ve done!). Beside it, list the goals you still want to obtain. Don’t limit yourself to just earning a higher salary. Think long-term and short-term.

Step 2: Seek More Responsibility

Ask your boss how you can help. Waiting for assignments to come your way means you’re probably getting the leftovers. Which is why you should start asking your manager for specific projects that help advance your career. How do you know if it’ll advance your career? It will have new aspects, new things to learn, and new people/departments to help.

Feeling overloaded already? Get creative and find ways to streamline your work schedule so that asking for more responsibility is a positive challenge and not a stressful burden. There are many online resources that specialize in this subject! Avoid taking on more than you can handle – you want to make sure you can finish the job! But also, don’t be afraid to stretch your abilities. You are capable of more than you realize! In no time at all your dedicated work ethic will open up opportunities for advancement.

Step 3: Find a Mentor

More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs (Source: McCarthy Mentoring). Why? Because they work! Mentoring programs create relationships where employees can gain knowledge and get support from each other. If you haven’t already signed up for your company’s mentoring program, then start looking into it TODAY.

If your workplace does not have a specific mentoring program – no problem! Ask your manager to help you find one or ask a trusted colleague in the company. You will gain priceless tips about your specific company and about your industry from those who have already gone before you. Learn all you can and – most importantly – be open to their suggestions. Graciously receiving constructive criticism will have you checking off those goals in no time!

Step 4: Get More Education

Learning is a lifelong task (and can even be fun!). Don’t see yourself going back to college? There are other opportunities to help you advance your career. You can volunteer for training opportunities offered by your company. Or utilize online training sites – many of which you can use for free such as accessing Lynda.com through your local library or Khan Academy.

Developing new skills will help make you a valuable employee that is available to fill different roles as they become available. Look at your goal list and see what knowledge can be added to your skillset. Then make them a reality!

Step 5: Move on

It can be hard to get out of our comfort zones. We know how to do the job, we have our work friends, and frankly, change can be scary! There are times though when you have to take an honest assessment of your work situation. Maybe you’ve reached the top of the payscale or there are no more positions for advancement. Maybe you simply don’t get the same satisfaction on a job well done as you once did. Start looking at job openings listed with Westphal Staffing.

For a personalized consultation, contact us today to speak with a recruitment specialist. We’ll talk about your skillsets, what you’re looking for, and any opportunities that might be a fit for you. In just a few minutes we can start planning your next adventure!