5 Times We Said to “Keep Going” Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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December 16, 2021
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January 19, 2022

5 Times We Said to “Keep Going” Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Finding your ideal career path and a job that clicks(TM) can be a bumpy, curvy road filled with obstacles along the way. Everyone has had their ups and downs. So why does it feel like you’re the only one? Discouragement can be a slippery slope, but you can stop the slide down with a few adjustments.

We’ve had candidates come to us who are ready to just quit. We’re so glad they were honest with how they were feeling, but we were able to provide action steps that were better than quitting. These action steps will help you correct your course and get on a path you love.

1. Too Burned Out to Care

Feeling burnt out at work means your work-life balance is off. The key is to not let apathy distract you from the big picture. You can achieve your work goals without sacrificing your family and free time. Here’s how.

2. Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough

Instead of letting an unsatisfied feeling get you down, use it as motivation to reach your goals. You have what it takes to work hard and advance your career. Setting education, continued learning, or career path goals is a great way to start. Learn more here.

3. Being Fired or Let Go

Losing your job hurts, but it will get better. Some of our best life lessons happen in the most difficult times. Use what you’ve learned and forge ahead because the opportunities are out there. Take a look here.

4. Scared to Re-enter to Job Market

Every job is an opportunity to learn and grow — even those not on your career path. Be a leader, demonstrate your high work ethic, and don’t let nerves get the best of you. Get ready, and click here because you’ve got this.

5. Stressed about New Working Arrangements During the Pandemic

The pandemic has added a layer of stress to everything these past couple years. Whether you are still working from home or you’re back in the office, making a concentrated effort to focus on the positive can help. Stay flexible and get creative to help reduce that pressure. Find ideas here.

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