Ace Your Interview Part 2: I HATE interviewing – how do I get through it?

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January 26, 2021
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March 30, 2021

Ace Your Interview Part 2: I HATE interviewing – how do I get through it?

First off, take a moment to celebrate your big achievement! Your application and resume were on point and you’re moving ahead to round two: the interview. It’s important to celebrate success because it’s what builds the steps on the journey of your career.

If you hate interviewing, don’t panic. You’re normal! An interview is an opportunity to learn: about the company, about the job, and about yourself. Win or lose you’re going to walk away with more knowledge than you started. (Victories come in all shapes and sizes!) Now, take a deep breath and put the interview into perspective with these steps.

Step 1: Curb Anxiety

Just thinking about your interview day can result in anxiety. If your thoughts are creating physical reactions (racing heart, sweating, fatigue, etc.) remember you are not alone. It’s important to stay in the present. You’re not a mind reader and you can’t predict the future. So, when your thoughts begin to wander into every worst-case scenario, stop!  Imagine yourself nailing it and refocus using these simple tips:

  • Taking a deep breath
  • Pressing your feet firmly onto the ground
  • Releasing the tension from your shoulders and jaw
  • Humming or singing a favorite song
  • Noticing what you can see, smell, hear, feel, or taste

Step 2: Get Comfy

You can set yourself up for success by honoring your comfort areas. Yes, even in an interview! We’re not saying to wear your fave sweatpants and hoodie. But we are saying don’t stray out of your comfort zone when picking out your interview attire. Even within your business wardrobe you have a favorite shirt, pants, maybe even a pair of socks!

If you opt for an itchy fabric or shoes that pinch, your discomfort is not only going to distract you, but you might unintentionally be sending uncomfortable vibes to your interview committee.  So:

  • Put away the 4-inch heels unless you’re already used to wearing them daily.
  • Sit down and then stand up and walk around in your outfit – if you feel self-conscience or like you need to keep adjusting your outfit, then change.
  • Buy new pants if your ”good pants” are too tight.
  • If you accessorize and it’s “clinky” leave it home.

Step 3: Affirm Yourself

Are you your biggest cheerleader or your biggest critic? Your inner dialogue matters! It’s time to think about your thinking. For some people this might be difficult, but things that are worth it often are. Write down five compliments to yourself and say them out loud. Still don’t believe you? Find a mirror and say them to your face. (Trust us – you are worth it, you rock star!) Struggling to find a compliment for yourself? Try these:

  1. I know for a fact that I’m smart and experienced 
  2. I am approachable and open to new opportunities
  3. I have a wonderful laugh
  4. I make others feel welcome
  5. Once they hear about my experience, they’ll definitely want me
  6. I’ve worked hard and deserve it.

Is your Interview on Zoom?

Interviewing on Zoom requires extra preparation than face-to-face conversations. Use these tips to prepare for your online interview.

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