4 Signs Its Time for a New Job from Westphal staffing in Wausau WI
4 Signs It’s Time for a New Job:
September 13, 2018
Work-Life Balance and Self-Care
November 30, 2018
4 Signs Its Time for a New Job from Westphal staffing in Wausau WI
4 Signs It’s Time for a New Job:
September 13, 2018
Work-Life Balance and Self-Care
November 30, 2018

At Westphal Staffing we often talk about helping candidates find “jobs that click” – the PERFECT job for every applicant. Before we can match candidates to jobs however, there’s one crucial step we must take first: getting to know our clients. We take the time to learn more about the corporate culture, desired job skills, personality traits they’re looking for, and more.

Throughout our years of matching job applicants and employers, we’ve found that each side is actually looking for the same thing. Using experience, skillsets, and disposition the candidate wants to fit in – or “click” – and with those same measurements the employer wants the candidate to fit in as well.

We truly want our clients and candidates to click because, after all, an employee who’s happy at work can bring productivity up by 31%. (source: HBR.org)

So, what does it feel like when a candidate clicks with your company? How do you know they’re a good fit?

Find your next rock-star employee!

The click depends on the company’s culture and the manager. It can feel different for every hiring manager that comes to our staffing firm.

Some managers might feel the candidate clicks with them during an interview where they’re finishing each other’s sentences, laughing, talking about the good and bad of the industry they’re working in, and overall having a fun conversation.

Other managers might think that sounds like a nightmare! Instead, they would prefer an interview where the candidate is reserved, asks well thought-out questions based on company research, and leaves the manger knowing this person will always maintain professionalism.

Neither of those scenarios is wrong and it goes to show you just how different the culture can be from one company to the next! Even though it varies and can sometimes be hard to define, it’s extremely important to outline your company’s culture and look for an employee who fits within it.

Fitting in is a huge indicator of success. It’s about 50 percent responsible for an employee’s success within the first 18 months! (Source: Fortune.com)

It is our goal to fully understand your company’s culture, identify your needs/wants, and then find applicants who are the perfect fit.

Retain talent and increase productivity.

Finding the right person who clicks with your team and organization is an integral step toward acquiring and retaining top talent.

Employees who click are often more engaged with their teammates and managers, which awards business units with 59% less turnover. (Source: Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report).

Hiring candidates whose belief and behavior aligns with your organizational culture can:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Boost satisfaction levels
  • Increase productivity
  • Create a positive, healthy work environment

How do you go about making sure candidates fit in with your culture?

You must be upfront and direct about it. Outline exactly what makes your company’s culture unique. This could include:

  • Being upfront about working weekends
  • Addressing accountability – for example, if employees need to work independently without direction
  • Outlining work hours – whether you have flexible hours or designated work shifts
  • Describing your office space – for example, explaining that you have open, collaborative seating with little privacy
  • Specifying proper work attire – for example, if you allow jeans or need business casual
  • Explaining management culture – for example, do you have an open-door policy or more of a structured, controlled leadership
  • Much more!

Your staffing company and the job candidate should clearly understand your company’s core values, work style, and approach to teamwork. No one should be left in the dark.

Psst…Don’t let this overwhelm you! We specialize in helping our clients define their company’s culture and paint a picture of their ideal candidates before starting the interview/hiring process. Contact us today to get started with your company.

Connecting talent to our clients.

Now that we understand your company’s culture and what you’re looking for in an employee, we can help candidates find jobs that click. By looking at an applicant’s skillset, passions, personality, purpose, and utilizing our advanced “Culture-Fit Screening Tool,” we can help ensure their attributes click with your organization before we pass them along.

“Our goal at Westphal Staffing is not just to “fill” jobs with a body, but to find people who actually fit and are in sync with their jobs and the company’s culture.” – Lisa Westphal, Owner of Westphal Staffing

We’ve found that this method of matching is beneficial for the employer and the job seeker. We’re able to provide candidates a valuable, professional experience while serving as a trusted advisor to our clients by helping them increase productivity, cut costs, and reduce turnover.

Are you looking for temporary, temporary-to-hire, and professional recruitment services? Since 1998, hundreds of small, mid-size, and large corporations have turned to Westphal Staffing for their staffing solutions. With a combined total of 40 years in human resources, and staffing and recruitment, our team has a breadth of experience to call upon when you need human resource assistance. Contact us today!