Kick-Start a New Career with a “Temporary” Job

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May 29, 2019
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June 27, 2019

Kick-Start a New Career with a “Temporary” Job

Stop! Before you scroll past another “temporary” job, take a moment to consider the possibilities. You might be thinking that you’re overqualified and you’ve been in the workforce for too long to even consider “temporary”. But there are some perks you might not be considering. Temporary positions are a great way to make a move into a new industry.

Have you been considering a career change? Or wishing you could try something new? Not only do these positions provide a smooth transition toward a different career path, they give you a chance to explore a whole new field.

Just think of the possibilities! What have you been wanting to try? Healthcare? Accounting? IT? Banking? There are certain positions you might want to be on the lookout for …

Where to Look:

Making a career move doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Yes, looking at all of the career possibilities can be daunting, be we’ve narrowed down our favorite starting points. These 7 positions can help you get going in a new field:

  • Accounting assistant
  • Help desk technician
  • Receptionist/Intake person for a medical clinic
  • Paralegal
  • HR assistant
  • Customer service representative
  • Bank teller

Now is the perfect time to discover your options in a new industry! Companies are looking for employees eager to improve their skill-sets and learn the ins-and outs-of their trade.

What to Consider:

Temporary positions give you a wide range of on-the-job learning experiences. Researching and acquiring additional education are important steps to beginning a career, but nothing beats the benefits of trying it out for yourself. Take the uncertainty out of a new career by trying a temporary or contract position.

When to Begin:

Think temporary or contract work isn’t for you? Think again! Staffing agencies help job candidates get noticed and cut through the red tape. Your resume won’t just be lost among the crowd after hitting submit on a website. We will actively find opportunities for you!

Start looking at job openings listed with Westphal Staffing. For a personalized consultation, contact us today to speak with a recruitment specialist. We’ll talk about your skillsets, what you’re looking for, and any opportunities that might be a fit for you. In just a few minutes we can start planning your next adventure!