How to Use a Staffing Firm to Grow Your Business and Meet Your Goals

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February 17, 2023
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Insider Scoop: How to Find a Job You Want
February 17, 2023
How to Use a Recruiter When Job Searching
May 22, 2023

How to Use a Staffing Firm to Grow Your Business and Meet Your Goals

If you’ve traditionally thought of a staffing firm as just another middleman, then you’re missing out! Since our specialty is finding and recruiting talent it means you can keep your focus on clients and current employees. Project demands and customer satisfaction don’t stop just because you need to fill a position. It’s time to reevaluate what you think you know about staffing firms. What have you got to lose?

Why use a staffing firm?

Our staffing firm is not interested in simply filling your open position with the first person to apply. We keep the best interests of YOUR company in mind while handling the hard work. You can expect laser-focused recruitments, which means:

  • Faster hiring because this is all we do
  • Reduced team workload (AKA less stress!)
  • Flexibility in screening and interviewing
  • Specialized hiring for those very specific roles
  • Reduced risk of a bad hire

Our team will feel like an extension of your HR team, ready to locate talent that fits in with your company culture and ready to meet your goals.” – Lisa Westphal, Owner of Westphal Staffing

What does the staffing firm do?

The main goal of the staffing firm is to take the burden of recruiting and vetting candidates off the company looking to hire new talent. This is especially helpful if your company could use additional expertise in negotiating the best-case scenario for success. We act as a consultant to help make the final hiring decisions. Additionally, we can assist in managing the performance of your temporary workforce, which takes that burden off the manager.

We understand the marketplace and what you can expect during the hiring process.  We’re dedicated to using our experience to ensure a successful hire.” – Lisa Westphal, Owner of Westphal Staffing

How can you ensure success?

Sharing the right information is key when partnering with a staffing firm. The more we know about your company’s needs and expectations, the better we can serve you. For example, if the role is temporary, it’s best to know the top three things this person will be accomplishing for you and the expected time frame to complete those tasks. You can prepare by:

  • Having the job description and skill-set requirements ready, including the precise skill sets, personality type, and goals for the position
  • Sharing in detail your company culture
  • Discussing the type of employment: executive recruitment, temp, temp-to-hire, direct
  • Securing your budget parameters: ensure buy-in from management so you can seamlessly move forward when you find a candidate through a staffing firm
  • Being patient with the process as some roles will fill faster than others
  • Making time to quickly reply to questions from our firm

While preparation is great, planning too far ahead for future positions can be problematic. Staffing firms have candidates who are ready for jobs TODAY. Expecting interviews and a candidate list 5 months before the position is open will lead to disappointment on both sides. Thankfully, our staffing firm can help you navigate the intricacies of the hiring process.

We have the most success when we’re able to have an open dialogue about why the role is open, skills needed for success, challenges and opportunities both now and in the future, as well as career progression.” – Lisa Westphal, Owner of Westphal Staffing

Westphal Staffing Can Help

We know you’re busy! Our job is to take the long and arduous process of scheduling, screening, interviewing, background checking, and onboarding off your plate. We know recruitment, you know HR; it’s a good marriage of resources and talent. Partner with us for a less stressful process of finding the best candidate for your job. From basic office to the C-Suite, we are your regional resource for professional positions. Call or text us today at (715) 845-5569!