Is Your Company’s “About Us” Page Hurting Recruitment?

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September 4, 2022
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September 4, 2022
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December 5, 2022

Is Your Company’s “About Us” Page Hurting Recruitment?

You have the openings, you’ve posted the positions, and you know that you’re a great company, but nobody is applying. What’s going on? Well, lots in this marketplace, but there are simple tweaks we can make to put our best foot forward. What about that easily forgettable “About Us” page on your website? If you haven’t taken a look at that page since the creation of your website, then it is definitely time to consider an update!

Why It Matters

Website visitors, especially those wondering if they want to work for you, will visit your “About Us” page to get a feel for your culture. They’re going to be looking for:

  • Tone of voice
  • Photos of the office space
  • Photos & bios of other employees
  • Employee recognition and if you share the spotlight of success
  • Company’s origin story and personal touches to help them connect
  • Charity donations and community involvement

This forms a visual in their mind of what they can expect when working for you. We encourage you to go back to your “About Us” page to see what impression you’re giving.

Is “About Us” page is boring or too hard to scan? If so, then job seekers are going to assume your company is boring, too. This is especially harmful if you’re touting a fun, employee-centered culture.

If potential candidates are hearing great things about your business, then your “About Us” page needs to support those claims! An outdated website and “About Us” page aren’t just going to hurt your business, it’s going to hurt your recruitment efforts.  Your “About Us” page should be considered a marketing must-have, unfortunately many companies ignore this page.

What To Scrap

Is your “About Us” page just a wall of text? If so, we bet not even you want to read it! Nobody enjoys reading a giant block of words online. Break up your text with visuals, bullets, headlines, and content breaks on the page. Website visitors are fine scrolling down a long page as long as they can quickly scan for information they’re looking for.

Check your graphics, next. Are they old? Have you changed logos or branding? See what needs to stay and what can go. Lastly, judge whether the information presented is useful to the reader. Not every fact about a company is needed to give an overview for potential customers or employees. Remember, this is a chance to sell your company. Only include relevant information and that helps tell your story and connect with your readers.

What To Add

Consider your “About Us” page as a humble brag about your company.

Share with the world what makes your company unique and relevant in today’s business world. Be sure to include:

  • Faces – use photos to highlight the founders or key team leaders
  • Testimonies – short videos are a great way to share successes and goals
  • Origins – try a storytelling format to explain the founding of the company
  • Customers – include the people your company serves and why they are valuable
  • Visuals – interactive graphics, colorful charts, and links to blog posts can help break up text

Start Hiring Today

Connect with us right away! We can give you tips for your “About Us” page and start recruiting for openings in your company! Our experienced recruiters will guide you through the process. Here at Westphal Staffing, it is part of our culture to make connections, recognize humans as individuals, and collaborate with professionals. Today, more than ever that culture is transforming the staffing experience, making us a different kind of staffing company. Call or text us today at (715) 845-5569!