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October 17, 2018
Jobs that Click
October 17, 2018


4 Signs Its Time for a New Job from Westphal staffing in Wausau WI

You’re sound asleep when all too soon your morning alarm goes off. Your first thought is “Noooooooo!” while your stomach drops into that queasy feeling again. You sigh with frustration because you can’t avoid it any longer: it’s time for a new job.

Where did it all go wrong? It wasn’t always a struggle to go to work. You use to find your job exciting and challenging. Now you just want to stay in bed and dream of better days. But how did it come to this? If you’re thinking of making a move, you’re not alone.

It’s Not Just About Money.

Sure, higher pay is GREAT, but it’s not necessarily why people are leaving their jobs. Only 22% of people who leave their jobs do so because of pay according to research conducted by Gallup. That means almost 80% of employees leave for different reasons.

Those reasons can range from being ready for new adventures, to not fitting into the role, to leaving a toxic work environment. Starting over at a new job can be scary, but not as scary as what can happen when you stay in a job that’s not right for you. Remember that it’s important to put yourself first and do what makes you happy.

Know When to Move On.

If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to move on from your job, consider the following workplace situations. Taking an objective look at your job and your role there can help you determine your next steps. If you’re resonating with one or more of these workplace scenarios then it’s definitely time to start your job search.

1. You’re unhappy … all the time.

It is time to leave your job when you are unhappy all the time. Contact Westphal Staffing.

Have you found yourself being the office complainer? You’re never happy about any decision by management, any project, or any customer. You complain (and complain and complain and complain) all the time about your job to coworkers, family, and friends. When you’re asked about your job – you point out the negatives. When you get home from work – you vent. When you’re driving to work – you stress about the problems.

Maybe you’re suffering silently. You’re keeping your head down while cranking out work, but now you’re feeling physical symptoms of stress and unhappiness. Symptoms like headaches, shoulder pain, weakened immune system, irritability, and fatigue are dragging you down.

Believe it or not, there were signs along the way that this was coming. It probably started by feeling misunderstood by management – maybe even mistreated. You probably tried talking it out with your boss, but it just didn’t get better. Once you’ve been in this position for an extended period of time, you’re left feeling miserable and needing a change!

You’re not alone: 79% of people who quit their jobs cite an overall ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving. (Source: O.C. Tanner Learning Group)

Does this sound familiar? Then it’s time to start looking for new opportunities. No job is worth your happiness or mental health.

2. You’ve outgrown your job.

If you've outgrown your current job then it's time to find a new one. Contact Westphal Staffing.

Has your job become a real snoozer? You’re the go-to person for training all the newbies because you know everything inside and out. You have no one to go to for answers and instead everyone is coming to you. New projects just aren’t exciting anymore, offering no challenge for you. You’re just sitting at your desk watching the clock.

If you’re not growing and developing new skills, then you’re going to get bored … and if you’re not being promoted or given new learning opportunities then it’s time to move on. You’re going to get frustrated and feel like you’re being held back. This can create a feeling of tension and animosity.

An estimated 32% of people who leave their jobs, say it’s for career advancement or promotional opportunities. (Source: Gallup)

If you’re ready to learn new skills and grow in your career, but your current employer can’t offer you those opportunities then it’s time to cut ties and move on to something bigger and better. A fresh job with new challenges will be just what you need to get excited about work again!

3. You’re not passionate about the job or its mission.

If you're no longer passionate about your job then it's time to move on. Contact Westphal Staffing.

More than 20% of people move on because they don’t feel like their job is a good fit.
(Source: Gallup)

You might not be passionate about the mission and goals of the company – or maybe you completely disagree with their mission and goals. If this is the case, then it’s time to start looking for a new job. You’ll never feel comfortable with what you’re doing and will dread going to work each day. Employees who stay with a company whose mission they disagree with end up feeling guilty and depressed. Don’t do this to yourself! Move on!

Not being passionate about your job could stem from a different source. It could be because the job you’re performing doesn’t match your skillset. Your manager can be great to work for and you can be GREAT at the job, but if you don’t ENJOY doing it then you’re using the wrong skillsets. Not being matched for the right job can kill your spirit and leave you unfulfilled.

Being “catfished” by the hiring manager is another way employees find themselves in a job they’re not passionate about. If you were promised something completely different from what you’re doing, then you’re understandably going to be concerned, irritated, and ready to leave.

Use this position as a learning experience while you look for a new job and then move on when the opportunity arises.

4. You’re in a toxic environment.

If you work in a toxic environment then it's time for a new job. Contact Westphal Staffing.

Do you find yourself sitting at work thinking “Oh my gosh, did that just happen? Did an adult just do that? Is it actually this crazy here or is it just me?!” Well, we’re pretty certain it’s not you.

If you’re in a toxic work environment, we recommend you get help and get out as soon as you can. Being stuck in these working conditions can damage your mental health, career, and even physical health. And that damage can happen suddenly and quickly, leaving your head spinning. A toxic work environment can include managers and coworkers who yell, spread rumors, bully, discriminate, and sexually harass others. No one should have to work in those kinds of conditions.

“Younger workers in particular, are not willing to stick around at a company that is racist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise discriminatory in any way.” (Source:

Younger workers are more likely to move on, but some of the older generations will try to tough it out. We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of jobs out there and staying in a toxic environment is not worth it. Don’t put yourself at risk. The very best companies are those that care about their workers and their welfare. Let’s find one of those for you!

Make Your Exit Plan.

Even if you hate your job, don't just quit. Take the time to make an exit plan. Contact Westphal Staffing for help.

Be smart about any moves you make when it comes to leaving a job and looking for another. Whatever you do, don’t check out just yet. You need to stay as positive as possible while you look for your next opportunity. We know you’re over it, you’re done, you’re ready to move on. Just make sure you don’t burn bridges before you go. Don’t start arguing with your boss or coworkers, and whatever happens, don’t get caught up in the toxic environment before you finally get out.

New Job. New You!

Contact Westphal Staffing. We'll help you find a new job!

Ready to feel like a brand-new person? Start looking at job openings listed with Westphal Staffing. For a personalized consultation, contact us today to speak with a recruitment specialist. We’ll talk about your skillsets, what you’re looking for, and any opportunities that might be a fit for you. In just a few minutes we can start planning your next adventure!

Your job should be enjoyable and you should love what you do.
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