12 Days of Career Growth with Westphal Staffing
December 26, 2023
Make Every Day Count: Retaining Top Talent
February 28, 2024
12 Days of Career Growth with Westphal Staffing
December 26, 2023
Make Every Day Count: Retaining Top Talent
February 28, 2024




For many of us, our careers are a significant part of our lives, and assessing our professional growth is essential for future success. At Westphal Staffing, we understand the importance of this reflection, and we’re here to guide you through a thoughtful evaluation of your career.

Use these steps to take a quick assessment of what you’ve accomplished, where you’re at, and where you’d like to be going.

Step 1 . Take Stock of Achievements

Begin your assessment by celebrating your achievements. What were your significant accomplishments throughout the last year? Whether it’s completing a challenging project, hitting sales targets, or fostering positive team dynamics, acknowledging your successes provides a solid foundation for self-reflection.

Tip: If you’re having a hard time remembering all of your achievements then it’s time to create a “Win Folder,” which is a folder on your desktop or in your email inbox where you save positive feedback, emails, final copies of projects, and results from initiatives you’ve taken.

Step 2. Review Your Goals

Refer back to the goals you set at the beginning of last year. Did you achieve what you set out to accomplish? If so, what contributed to your success? If not, what obstacles did you encounter, and what steps can you take to overcome them in the coming year? Goal evaluation is a crucial aspect of career growth.

Tip: If there’s a goal you didn’t meet, then take a moment to reflect on what you learned while trying to achieve that goal. It’s important to remember that not meeting a goal doesn’t mean you didn’t gain knowledge and experience.

Step 3. Identify Areas for Development

No one’s career is perfect, and there’s always room for growth. Now is the perfect time to identify areas where you can improve or acquire new skills. This might involve seeking additional training, attending workshops, or taking on projects that challenge you. A commitment to continuous improvement is a key trait of successful professionals.

Tip: A unique way to think about areas you’d like to improve in is to think about what you’re good at. How can you continue building those strengths? What areas of your career would you like to continue enhancing?

Step 4. Seek Feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool for personal and professional development. Reach out to colleagues, supervisors, and mentors for constructive feedback on your performance. Understanding how others perceive your strengths and areas for improvement can provide valuable insights.

Tip: Use this time to reach out to those you admire, not just those who you report to. You might be surprised what advice, perspective, and feedback you get from someone who isn’t in your department.

Step 5. Consider Work-Life Balance

Evaluate your work-life balance. Has your professional life overshadowed your personal life, or vice versa? Striking a balance is crucial for long-term career satisfaction. Consider what adjustments you can make to ensure a healthier equilibrium between your professional and personal commitments.

Tip: Remember that work-life balance means you’re setting boundaries and protecting your mental, physical, and emotional health so you can be the best you can be at work. This is not selfish!

Step 6. Update Your Professional Brand

As you plan for the upcoming year, take the time to update your professional brand. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and any other professional platforms. Showcase your achievements, skills, and aspirations to attract new opportunities.

Tip: Step back and take a look at yourself with an outside perspective. Can you easily spot your achievements and skill sets? If not, it’s time for an update.

Step 7. Explore New Opportunities

Are you feeling challenged and engaged in your current role, or is it time for a change? Assess whether your current position aligns with your long-term career goals. If you’re considering a change, explore new opportunities within your current organization or in the job market.

Tip: Westphal Staffing can assist you in finding exciting career prospects that match your skills and aspirations.

As you assess your career during the new year, remember that it’s a dynamic and ongoing process. Use this time not only to reflect on the past but also to set the stage for a successful future.

Here at Westphal Staffing, it is part of our culture to make connections, recognize humans as individuals, and collaborate with professionals. Today, more than ever, that culture is transforming the career-building experience, making us a different kind of staffing company. Call or text us today at (715) 845-5569!